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Champ Metal Fabrication

Champ Metal Fabrication is structured for partnerships with OEMs and Tier One Suppliers in medium-to-high volume fabrication and assembly, through tube laser and sheet metal laser cutting, forming, welding, machining, painting/powder coating and assembling of copper, aluminum and carbon, stainless, galvanized and satin-blend steel. Other niche capabilities include carrying out first article/prototyping for our customers as well as working with them on specific capability or capacity challenges.

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The only way we can succeed is to be part of our customers’ success. Partnership, alignment and transparency are not clichés at Champ; they are the foundation for all of our practices and processes. Our recognition of this, along with our continuous evolvement and improvement methodologies, make us a desirable option for organizations looking beyond the traditional transactional relationship.


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We partner with our customers to manufacture parts for state of the art transportation. Whether it be over the road, rail or sea, Champ Metal Fabrication will be there for you as a model supplier. We will support you in supplying both corporate end users and the public sector, including satisfying Buy America requirements where required.

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This industry is the backbone of any economy and we are proud to supply and support the many companies that support the farming ecosystem. Innovation continues to drive new developments in products and processes.

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Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Businesses

Economies are driven by organizations that fall under this category. It is the many privately and family owned businesses that like Champ Metal Fabrication, are proud to be a critical supplier leading to authentic partnerships driving sustainability and growth.

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Over the years, Champ Metal Fabrication has responded to our needs in the most effective and professional manner – they are able to multi-task and get the job done quickly using their state-of-the-art equipment. It has been a win-win association since day one.

– Ryerson


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Frequently Asked:

1. What’s the thickest material that you can cut on your laser?

We specialize in cutting carbon steel up to 1.0″ and stainless steel up to 0.75″. We also cut aluminum up to 0.75″

2. What materials can you process?

The raw materials for processing are mainly: aluminum, stainless and carbon steel as well as copper alloy

3. What do I need to provide in order to get a quote?

The more information you provide, the more accurate the pricing will be. Items required include:
  • DXF drawings are preferred / samples if available
  • Quantities required
  • Timing and required scheduled delivery of finished goods

4. Do you offer plant tours so we understand your capabilities?

We always welcome visitors. We do need you to contact us in advance for scheduling purposes

5. How is your quality assurance system implemented?

We have a comprehensive control system managed and led by an independent quality group within the shop. Product testing includes a number of pieces of equipment to strictly control the precision and tolerance of the finished product as per drawing specification.

6. What international certifications and qualifications do you hold?

We have ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification

7. Buy America?

Champ can satisfy any Buy America certification requirements

8. ITB?

Champ can help you satisfy any Canadian ITB requirements