Capabilities Overview

CNC Sheet

Trumpf laser + Automation
1” thick cutting capacity and 6’ X 12’ capacity

Trumpf Punch
up to 1/4” punching + 100 X 50 capacity

CNC Brake

Trubend 5170
187 ton CNC + 127” bend length


Accupress 93507
350 ton + 84” bed length

Bend Roller

Longhi 3 Roll

Drill Press

Drill, tap + countersink


Spot Welding
Programmable + 1/4” material

Multiple welding stations
TIF & MIG / AWS D1.6 and D1.3


Unlimited Capacity


Powder Coating
12’X24’X8’ booth

The Champ Standard

The Champ standard is not of simply being an order processor, but a true supplier partner while understanding the fluidity of both economic and competitive landscapes within the many industries we service. We work in tandem with our customer to produce and enhance their product offerings.

Champ Metal Fabrication is an advocate for our customers and stand by them as they strive to win within their marketplace. This is why we stand by our statement, “We Manufacture Solutions”.


Proud to Manufacture



We partner with our customers to manufacture parts for state of the art transportation. Whether it be over the road, rail or sea, Champ Metal Fabrication will be there for you as a model supplier. We will support you in supplying both corporate end users and the public sector, including satisfying Buy America requirements where required.

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This industry is the backbone of any economy and we are proud to supply and support the many companies that support the farming ecosystem. Innovation continues to drive new developments in products and processes.

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Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Businesses

Economies are driven by organizations that fall under this category. It is the many privately and family owned businesses that like Champ Metal Fabrication, are proud to be a critical supplier leading to authentic partnerships driving sustainability and growth.

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Quality & Safety

Quality & Safety

Quality: ISO Certified 9001:2015

Champ’s dedication to quality is evident by:

Its Dedicated Quality Assurance personnel led by a trained and experience Quality Manager. We strive to achieve excellence in product conformance and deliver the precision that our customers expect.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification is a quality management system that thrives on continuous improvement enabling us to achieve overall organizational effectiveness.

Our “JobBOSS” ERP manufacturing software is an integrated and flexible enterprise software that helps us to more efficiently run our business. It professionally assists us in preparing quotes, scheduling, job tracking, costing, purchasing and inventory.

Health and Safety culture

Champ regularly invests in its team members enabling for monthly surveys and meetings to quickly resolve and avoid potential issues. The principle Champ thrives in is prevention. Prevention processes helps everyone stay safe and avoid injuries.

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We have enjoyed a business relationship with Champ Metal Fabrication for over 25 years, and you could not ask for a better supplier of leading edge, quality products. We’ve had business dealings with every shop in Winnipeg, and today we would not think of going anywhere else.”