The Champ Team

Champ Metal Fabrication employs an experienced and talented team of employees at our two facilities in Winnipeg, Canada and Jamestown, USA.

Meet the Champ Team

Tom Albig

President & General Manager

Tom has 30 years of expertise within the aerospace industry and brings that same robust minded process leadership through engaged teams to the metal fabrication industry.

It’s by putting people first that makes our core processes successful ultimately exceeding customer expectations. Our growth, scalability and ultimate success depends on our ability to evolve with our customer base to help them thrive with their end customers.

Currently Recruiting

Sales & Business Development

Karen Lavallee


Karen has 8 years of expertise in Human Capital strategic planning leadership. She is known for her ability to build strong retention and hiring strategies to mirror Champ’s growth plans. Karen is also Champ’s liaison with government entities to leverage existing programs while also mitigating risk.

I am proud of the culture at Champ, its transparency and engagement in all facets of our business. I look forward to our plans for continued sustainability and growth in the coming years.

Ken Ottensen


Ken has 20 years of expertise in manufacturing, large scale projects and materials management. Well versed in multi-functional areas specializing in continuous improvement and operational excellence through his Lean Green Belt certification, Ken has led a number of strategic initiatives focused on growth, scalability and transformational change.

Having been exposed to a number of functional projects, I thrive in environments focused on transformational change while supporting employee and team growth and change management initiative. As the Head of the Canadian Production facility, I bring a supportive and focused level of energy to people, process and technology.

Fred Kainz

Jamestown, ND Plant

Fred has 30 years of expertise within the manufacturing sector. Well versed in multi-functional areas specializing in scalability and continuous improvement, Fred has and entrepreneurial mindset and led a number of strategic initiatives focused on growth, scalability and transformational change – complimented by his Lean Green Belt designation.

As business parameters continue to evolve in the U.S. including Buy America initiatives; we are well positioned to service customers on both sides of the border. As the Head of the U.S. Production facility, I bring a unique perspective in helping U.S. based and Canadian organizations grow.

Brandy Friesen

Customer & Supplier Interface

Brandy has 22 years of expertise within the metal fabrication industry. Having led over the years Estimating, Purchasing and most recently Customer and Supplier Interface, Brandy has gained a wealth of experience and led a number of foundational changes leading to Champ’s current success. She is known for her ability to understand customer expectations while translating initiatives and engaging with the shop floor to success.

Having worked in a number of changing environments over the years; my experience in many parts of the organization has allowed me to bring a partnership approach to customer centric solutions.


Jim Beatty


Jim has over twenty years of expertise in a number of industries within Finance and Accounting. His experience and leadership has him well versed in financial scenarios for growth and operational analyses including continuous improvement, inventory management, and situational assessment.

Given I have been exposed and experienced within various business models across a number of different industries, I bring a diverse perspective and constructive value to Champ’s approach as we continue our journey towards customer partnerships and growth.

Kurt De Sutter


Kurt has 22 years of expertise within the metal fabrication industry. Having spent nearly 12 years on the shop floor, Kurt has leveraged that experience both in Sales and most recently as Champ’s Pricing Manager. Kurt’s experience is demonstrated through the partnerships he builds with customers through robust pricing including proposed changes saving cost and avoiding complexities.

Dealing with tight deadlines, innovative projects and exposure to a number of different business models; I enjoy the uniqueness of each opportunity and project. My background and experience has led me to find real practical solutions in helping customers thrive with new products.

Nick Botsford

Quality assurance

Nick has over 8 years of experience at Champ with 5 of those last years excelling within the quality department. He holds a Six sigma yellow belt and began his career at Champ as a spot welder. Nick takes pride in ensuring Champ’s quality performance is recognized as a center of excellence further supported by our ISO certification.

I thoroughly enjoy working at Champ and its continuous improvement mindset. We strive to adapt as our customers do every day.”